Jeff Cowie

I am a semi-retired senior level marketing and sales executive, having served twenty-nine years in the hardware/hand tool industry in the Chicago and Milwaukee areas. My first Porsche was a 1986 911 naturally aspirated, with a factory Turbo Body. I bought it on impulse about a week after a divorce. Hey…I had always wanted one, so what a better time to treat myself to my first car of the Marque of my desire? Obviously, it was love at first sight…and sound! I learned how to really drive the car and all of its glorious idiosyncratic tendencies as a member of the Milwaukee Region Porsche Club at our Driver’s Education Event on the world-famous Road America Circuit. And…my passion became my addiction!As a wanna-be open wheel driver, I attended the Skip Barber 3-day Racing School at RA where I was professionally trained in a Formula 2000 in what they no longer use as a school car: an H-Pattern, manual gearbox, with straight-cut (not helix) gears, and with NO SYNCHROMESH. What a terrific way to learn how to learn and master matching the engine speed to the gearbox speed, aka: heel and toe shifting. It even made me a better driver in my second Porsche, a new 2001 Boxster S with a manual 6-speed gearbox (much easier to shift, I might add).

Remember my passion becoming my addiction? Well I decided to take their 2-Day Advanced Racing School  also at RA, where the school cars now had added to them front and rear wings, slicks, and a 5-speed sequential gearbox. It was a blast!!

Months after completing that, the Barber instructors convinced me to actually race in their Midwest Championship at Road America. (I think they had a seat to fill.) Well, I did, and after Friday’s optional lapping day, I showed up Saturday morning in the paddock area, found the white board for Group 1 to which I was assigned, and saw in alphabetical order the last name, “Andretti”. I am man enough to say that I almost grabbed my helmet, suit, shoes, and gloves and drove home: it was Marco, who had used Barber as his training ground.

Then, at age 50, I Ieft my corporate job to fully retire to Whitefish, Montana, to be the at-home parent to my now 11- and 8-year old children. Fortunately, the gang in Zuffenhaussen had the wherewithal to create something called an SUV just in time for my lite daughter, so my third Porsche became an ’04 Cayenne S. For those of you still in doubt about its capabilities, having had it on the track, it is a 5,685 pound 911 on steroids!

I was convinced to move back to the Milwaukee area for family reasons, and the only thing that makes me happy to back in the Midwest are Porsche’s and Road America!! I was fortunate to track down (no pun intended) this ’78 911 SC and decided it was time to visit CS Motorsports.

WOW.. I was impressed with all aspects of their people and shop! They are brilliant, knowledgeable technicians and so engaging, explaining everything you want to know about your Porsche, and just what they did to it. So knowledgeable that theist time I was in to have Pagid Yellow race pads installed, Joe said, “You don’t want these aluminum lug nuts. They can beat up and seize to the studs”. So when he was done, we went into the office to order them. He found the site and to himself – but out loud said, “Hmmmm… Lugs for a ’68 911″…. I reminded him it was a ’78, to which he responded, “I know. 1968 was the last year the factory offered steel”.

I would strongly recommend Chris’s shop, CS Motorsports to anyone. From Chris Schuh, Heather, their “Girl Friday”, techs Austin and Joe, I would challenge anyone to find a happier, more knowledgeable, honest, and excellent shop specializing in Porsche’s in America. I failed to mention that they are more than competitive and fair with their pricing.

One negative: They have no sign out front and their shop is just past. Round about, so be aware of that or you’ll put ‘er in the culvert, like I almost did, when I stabbed the brakes after I saw it!

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